Welcome to the Sunny Side 

Sunacumen Press Inc. is a hybrid publisher based in Palm Springs, CA, with two imprints—Sunacumen and Sunmemoir. We serve fiction and memoir authors in the Inland Empire of Southern California. Books published by Sunacumen are curated by a small panel of writers and editors and shepherded through publication by staff editors and designers. Sunmemoir and Valdesol provide memoir writers and self-publishers editorial assistance and publishing assistance from staff and free-lance consultants. 

  • We publish novels, non-fiction, memoirs, poetry, and story collections.
  • Under the Sunacumen imprint, we publish only those works that meet our strict standards for literary excellence and freshness.
  • Publishable works will be chosen by our panel of readers and editors. This differentiates our brand from subsidy publishers and protects your work's credibility.
  • We offer memoir writers the “Family and Friends” option of the Sunmemoir imprint, which does not require selection by our panel of readers and editors.
  • A recent addition to our options for authors is a third imprint - non-curated - for self-publishers, Valdesol Press. 

• Sunacumen Press offers authors a  traditional publishing experience -- but friendlier and open to your ideas as the author. 

• You control decisions about  format, pricing, design, and distribution.

• We are friendly and helpful.

 • Our royalty* is 10% of retail price.

· No minimum book purchases required.

* See details under Our Services

Sunacumen Press is a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association and we support the IBPA's Industry Standards Checklist and IBPA's guidelines for hybrid publishers.

As a sponsor of Inlandia Institute, we offer a 25% discount on all our services to Inlandia members.